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Our deep roots of the past have brought us to our current strength. Founded in 1889, as a vegetable crate manufacturer in Benton Harbor, Michigan, operations soon moved to Vicksburg, Mississippi, overlooking the Mississippi River. The location made for a perfect shipping hub incorporating railroad and river traffic. The fertile river soil and long growing season allowed for a variety of quality hardwoods, positioning us for growth and recognition in the national marketplace. Company-owned land permitted high yields and opened doors for sawmill expansion resulting in worldwide recognition.

By 2006, our lumber company managed more than 300,000 acres of hardwood timberlands in Mississippi, Arkansas, and Louisiana. We continue to invest in naturally regenerating hardwood timberlands in these areas while expanding our hardwood lumber management capabilities to Yalbac Ranch and Cattle Corporation (YRCC) and Laguna Seca Lumber (LSL) in Belize. We are recognized worldwide as a driving force for the sales and marketing of quality hardwoods from the U.S. and Belize, as well as a preeminent milling operation.

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Anderson-Tully produces great lumber because our experienced employees know their craft well and are dedicated to making Anderson-Tully products the highest grade on the market. Our employees are the heart of the wood and the power that drives the products. We thank them for all of their years of solid service.

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What’s in a name. So many people make us Anderson-Tully strong. Our people love what they do, and it takes the combined talents of professionals like sawyers, kiln operators, documentation staff, and others to make this company a leader in sustainable forestry and forest products.

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Many of the people at Anderson-Tully have earned advanced degrees in forestry and received certifications that have made them experts in the industry. Their specialized training and disciplined approach to the profession are invaluable to the company and the vitally important work of sustainable forestry.

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Our operation is spread around the world, but, no matter where they are located, the dedicated people at Anderson-Tully have one purpose: providing our customers the highest quality sustainable hardwood in the industry. The Forest Stewardship Council has recognized our commitment and our people, and every day we work hard to continue to earn our reputation for providing quality forest products.

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